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What is a Car Title and Why do I Need One?

What is a Car Title?

A car title is a legal document that can prove your car ownership. This document usually contains all the necessary information about your vehicle. It is important to update the information on the title, so the information should be 100% accurate.

When your car title is lost or damaged, you need to call your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as soon as possible. It is recommended for you to replace your title immediately. You only need to complete the application for getting a duplicate title and pay the fee for having this copy. Different states may have different procedures for replacing this car title.

What Are Included in the Car Title?

a. Name of the owner

This is the first thing that you will see on the title. The name on the title only changes when the vehicle is sold or donated to other parties. When you need to change your name, you also need to inform the local DMVs office for replacing your name on the title.

If you have a vehicle in which the owner is deceased, you should visit the DMVs for filing the transfer form. This form is required to transfer the name of the car title to the new owner of this car. You need to bring your proof of identity and the certified copy of the original death certificate for transferring the title.

b. Title vehicle identification number (VIN)

When you look at the car title, you can also find its VIN. It contains unique 17 letters and numbers. This VIN of your car will be written on the car title, proof of car insurance, car insurance declaration page, vehicle registration card, car loan paperwork, bill of sale, and also on the vehicle body.

The car title also includes some other information about your vehicle, for example, car model, car make, car year, body style, and the date of the issued title. All of these vehicle information details will be mentioned clearly on the title.

c. Lender’s name and address

This is another important information that can be found in the car title. This section is only available if you buy your car using a financing option. The title certificate will be kept by the lender until you pay off the loan for your vehicle. It is also possible for you to have multiple lenders that are listed on the vehicle.

d. Odometer Reading

Some car titles may also include odometer reading. This is additional information that is useful for verifying the ownership of the car. This odometer reading is the odometer number at the time the car is transferred or sold to you. It can be important information for the police, especially when your car is stolen.

Why Do You Need This Title?

Generally speaking, the car title is very important for you. When you are planning to sell your car, you need this title. For example, if you sell your car to an individual, you need to transfer the name of the car title to the new owner. During this transaction, you are going to complete this transfer process at the local DMV office. You may also want to transfer the car title when you get divorced or married.

Can You Junk a Car Without Car Title?

It is important to know that not all buyers are ready to buy your car without a car title. However, the answer to this question is yes. You can still junk your old and damaged car without a car title. You only need to call Junk Cars New England. They are ready to give you cash when you junk your car. There are a lot of good testimonials that are talking about this company. and most customers are happy with their professional car junk removal service.

You will get an offer for your old or junk car. Once you accept the offer, you will be able to get instant cash. They will come to your place by bringing up cash for buying your old or junk car. All application procedures can be done via the online system. It is very convenient for you to junk your car via the company.

How To Choose A Locksmith After Locking Your Keys In Your Car

If you have ever locked your keys in your car, you know how distressing it can be. If you cannot get in the car yourself, it is crucial that you have contacts with an emergency auto locksmith when it happens again. Here’s how to find the best locksmith when you lock your keys in your car.

1. Choose A Local Service Provider

Certainly, you don’t want to be locked out of your car while the locksmith takes forever to get to you. That’s why when you are looking for a quality auto locksmith, you must always go local. Look for the best vehicle locksmiths who operate in the radius of your driving distance from home to work for the best results.

2. Emergency Services

When looking for a good locksmith for your vehicle, make sure they offer emergency services. They should be on call at all times of the day or night. You never know when you will need their services so it’s always good to have a locksmith ready when you are locked out of your vehicle at any time.

3. Credentials

When hiring an emergency auto locksmith, make sure they have the right credentials for the job. For instance, they should have a licensing certificate or any other document to indicate that they are certified auto locksmiths. Certainly, you don’t want anyone mishandling your vehicle simply because you locked yourself out.

4. Ask For References

If you are looking for a good auto locksmith, you need to ask for references. A good and professional auto locksmith company should provide you with at least 2 or 3 references. Contact them directly to find out if the previous or current customers were satisfied with the services offered by the locksmith.

5. Proof Of Insurance

Before hiring an auto locksmith to handle your car after an emergency, you need to ask for proof of insurance. Check the policy cover and note the dates presented in the letter. The insurance is useful for the locksmith’s protection and also it protects your property when the locksmith is offering emergency services. You can go ahead and contact the insurer on record to confirm that the policy is actually legitimate.

6. Physical Address

Don’t work with any auto locksmith without a reputable home office or physical business location. If you request for a physical address and the locksmith can’t offer one, find another professional. Take an instance where you have been tricked or your vehicle is mishandled and you can’t track down the auto locksmith. With proof of address, you will know where to find the locksmith when you need him.

7. Price Quote

When you request emergency auto locksmith services, you should request a reasonable estimate. Note that, if the price is too cheap, there might be some hidden estimates that will come up later after the job is completed. Make sure you receive a fair quote for the services offered and the estimate should be properly detailed to avoid any hidden charges later on.

Don’t hire an emergency auto locksmith off the bat without doing your research. Use these tips to find the best locksmith when you are locked out of your car.

Jay Leno’s Car Collection

If you are a fan of late night talk show hosts and cars, then Jay Leno will be one entertaining guy for you. If you remember back in the day Jay Leno took over for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009.

Since then, and for long time Jay has been a huge fan of cars. He has a massive car collection ranging from a Model T, to the Ford GT and has even very old electric cars.  At the time of this writing, he has over 136 automobiles in his warehouse. To add to that, he also owns 90 motorcycles! If you’re wondering how much all this stuff costs, take a guess. If you guessed around 50 million dollars, you would be correct sir, or madam, or however you identify!

So what kind of cars does Jay have in his Garage? Let’s take a peek.

Ford GT

This is the iconic car that won at LeMans. It’s a stunning vehicle and one of my favorite cars ever made by an American Manufacturer. Take a look at the video below where Jay talks about the car and takes it for a spin.

 The 1906 Stanley Steamer

Probably the most unique car to Jay’s collection is the Stanley Steamer. Not only is this car unique looking, but the following facts make it even more unique. Did you know that the car is made out of wood? Yes, you heard me correctly, wood! Not even go-karts are made of wood! Given this was built in 1906, they get a pass. Jay Leno actually got a speeding ticket in this car and the reason for this is quite bizarre. The car caught on fire while he was driving and according to the manufacturer, you have to speed to extinguish the car! Imagine having to tell that to the police officer. Think he would buy it?

1994 McLaren F1

According to Jay, the Mclaren F1 is his choice for the best looking car. I almost agree with him too as it is quite beautiful. This car is timeless in the sense that it never grows old. Unique to this car is the driving position where the driver sits in the middle of the car while to passengers sit slightly behind on the left and right.  It has a screaming 12 cylinder engine built by BMW with 627 horsepower. The car is very light as well, coming in at just 2400 pounds.

What did you think of our top picks for Jay Leno’s Garage? Do you have other favorites? If so, please post below!



State of Affairs in the Used Car Market

Whenever we want to buy a car, there are two main options. We can buy it new or used. New cars are sold in automotive manufacturer showrooms across the world. When you buy one, you are its first owner. On the other hand, used cars are pre-owned and have had one or more owners in their past. They are usually sold through various outlets. Examples of these are auctions, independent used car dealers, franchise dealers, rental car companies, private party salesmen and also leasing offices. These outlets make up the used car market. Unlike in a showroom, you can haggle the price of a used car, pick only certified used cars, enjoy warranties and service plans which are extended.

The Growth of the Used Car Market in Recent Times

The used car market has grown in leaps and bounds especially in the West. It has contributed a larger amount of revenue than the new car market in terms of dollars. In the United Kingdom, the used car industry contributed 51% of all the revenue generated in the car market. Moreover, this market has had a bull run in the United States for more than half a decade. It has made a 68% growth ever since the global financial crisis. This has caused the price of a used car to increase beyond $18,000 per unit. This is because consumers are younger in age and consequently want younger used cars. This price is expected to reach $20,000 per unit by mid 2017. The growth has been spurred on partly by a change in attitude towards purchasing a used car. Consumers have discovered a number of benefits in buying used automobiles. Here they are.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

It is easier to finance the purchase of a used car. This is because your dealer can enthusiastically assist you to complete applications for credit because they are motivated by your approval. This also saves you the stress of having to do a lot of paperwork on your own. Your dealer assists you to complete your paperwork thus you never have to stand in long queues at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A great used car dealership in Toronto such as Dupont Auto Centre has a great reputation for satisfying all customer needs.

A big benefit of buying a used car is that you get to choose between very many types in the car dealer’s lot. This provides you with variety. In addition to that, you can test drive as many cars as you want with the assistance of a certified and professional driver. Cars in the used car dealership are checked thoroughly before sale.

You are always advised to purchase a pre-owned car that has a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, automobiles in used car dealerships are inspected so that they meet high standards of detailing, appearance and mechanical performance. In addition to that, you can request and get a history report of every car that you purchase. This proves that it is certified and in great working condition.


Buying a used car is an easy and affordable way to get your own automobile. The market of used cars is growing by the day and you can get literally any model that suits your fancy. Some benefits of investing in this market are indicated above. Read them and gain some insight on how to get a car today. I hope this information was useful to you. As always, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. Please share any of your own stories of any used car purchases that you have made and how they may have stacked up to a new purchase that you or someone else may have made.

High Performance Cars – A look back in Time

Many of us are passionate about cars. Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, mankind has been focused on designing and building safer, faster and more powerful cars. This desire resulted in the creation of an automobile category known as the performance car. This is a motor vehicle which is designed and built specifically to drive as fast as possible. The design, materials and construction of a performance car involves a powerful engine, aerodynamic body, improved transmission, crisp handling and advanced braking systems. In the history of automobiles, quite a number of high performance cars were manufactured. Here is more on the history of high performance cars.

Earliest High Performance Car

The earliest performance car ever made was the Ford 999. It was designed and built by Henry Ford in 1902. Interestingly, he created two identical race cars. One was painted red and the other was painted yellow. The more famous of the two was the 999.  It was named after the fastest steam locomotive of the era. The other one was simply named the ‘Arrow’. Henry Ford built the 999 with help from famous bicycle racer Tom Cooper. It was a monster of a race car. It had an 18.9 liter engine set on a steel chassis with no bodywork at all. It averaged a top speed of 140km/h or 91 mph. This was the first ever attempt to create a car purposely for racing.

Public Enthusiasm for Speed

Ever since automobile manufacturers such as Henry Ford started building race cars, people have had a need for speed. This resulted in the formation and recognition of motorsports. Over the years, there have been various championship competitions where drivers race with each other in highly engineered machines for glory and bragging rights. Examples of such competitions are Le Mans, the World Rally Championship, Formula One Circuit, Dakar Rally, NASCAR and Indycar racing. These motorsport competitions have brought together car companies such as Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren and Mazda in competition for top honors.

Some Examples of Early Production Cars Built for Performance

There are a number of cars which were produced over the years for performance. They went on to win races in various championships around the world. An example is the 1959 Corvette C2. It won the Monterey, Rolex and Choppard race competition held that year. Another example is the 1971 Lotus 61. It was notably built with the assistance of Ford Motor Company and was the last Lotus ever produced for racing. Other famous classic cars built for racing include the 1963 Jaguar E-Type racer, the 1967 Ferrari 3340 P4 and the 1953 Maserati Spider.

Hot Rod Type Cars

Conceived and built extensively in America, hot rods are generally classic cars which are fitted with large, powerful engines so as to drive extremely fast in a straight line. The practice of modifying cars for racing in America began in the 1920s. Young people would take cheap Ford Model T’s and adjust them for racing. They would then head off to California’s dry lake beds and compete. Examples of these were the El Mirage and the Harper lakes. Over time, they switched to buying Ford model A’s or simply roadsters. These were modified to remove any unnecessary parts such as the fenders, hood, top and headlights. They also received some tuning where the ignition was timed better, carburetors were added and the compression rates were increased. These adjustments were made in home garages or dedicated auto shops. Once the car was sufficiently tuned, it was time to race the hot rod.


There are very many types of automobiles. None are quite as exciting as high performance cars. These ones can take you from 0 to 60 mph (miles per hour) in seconds. Manufacturers have made these cars for decades. High performance cars make the motorsport industry much more exciting to follow and hold massive potential in the future. Please comment like or share!

History of the Automobile

The automobile is said to have been born around the year 1769. The first method of propulsion for a car has been from a steam engine.  As far as an internal combustion type of car, this did not start until 1807. This is what started the auto industry as what it is known today. In 1886, this year is known for the birth of the modern car as we see it today and it was created by a German Inventor by the name of Karl Benz. If that name sounds at all familiar, you probably know this just as well!

As far as electric cars go, they made a very brief appearance in the 20th century. They came back again in the 21st century and now we have car companies like Tesla producing electric only cars. These cars are extremely technologically advanced as well as powerful. Some models can compete with the supercars of today that are powered by an internal combustion engine.

Eras of the Automobile

In 1672, Ferdinand Verbiest who was a Jesuit missionary built the very first steam powered car. It was actually a toy for the Chinese emperor at the time. It was very underpowered and couldn’t even carry a driver, but it was considered the first vehicle that was steam powered.  Later on in the 1800’s they were able to produce cars with steam power that could carry people and cargo. Over time many improvements were made and in 1789 the first patent for automobiles was given in the USA.

The first oil-fired steam car was developed in 1815. Many years later a Canadian jeweler by name of Henry Seth Taylor showed his 4 wheeled steam buggy in 1867 at the Stanstead Fair held in Quebec. Production for this vehicle began in 1865 and the vehicle was basically a high wheeled carriage that was powered by 2 cylinder steam engine which was installed on the floor. In 1873 Amedee Bolle designed a carriage that could carry passengers and this was seen as the first indication of a real car.

Another car that could carry passengers with 4 seats was designed by Seldon. He was given a patent in 1895 after a lengthy patent process that lasted for almost 16 years. Karl Benz got his first patent in 1886.

Electric Cars

Electric cars were popular in the 19th and early in the 20th century. This is due to the fact that they were much more comfortable and easier to operate. However, when the electric start for gas motors was invented, the decline for electric cars started. Gas powered vehicles were also cheaper and when Henry Ford rolled out the model T, it pretty much ended the electric car era for the time being.

The Internal Combustion Engine

German inventors headline this category. There were many German inventors of the Internal combustion engine but none are so famous as Karl Benz. He built his first car in 1885 and received a patent for this in 1886

The Modern Era

Computer design dominates the modern era. From all wheel drive cars to Front wheel drive,  hybrid vehicles and even electric vehicles, things have drastically changed. If you look on the roads of today, you’ll see an abundance of SUV’s. Just 20 years ago you didn’t see many of these vehicles but they are incredibly popular now.

In the modern era there is a big push for fuel efficiency, but also still the aspect of high performance still exists with many supercars being produced.

What the future brings for the automobile is unknown. The idea is exciting though. We can only wait and see.

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