The automobile is said to have been born around the year 1769. The first method of propulsion for a car has been from a steam engine.  As far as an internal combustion type of car, this did not start until 1807. This is what started the auto industry as what it is known today. In 1886, this year is known for the birth of the modern car as we see it today and it was created by a German Inventor by the name of Karl Benz. If that name sounds at all familiar, you probably know this just as well!

As far as electric cars go, they made a very brief appearance in the 20th century. They came back again in the 21st century and now we have car companies like Tesla producing electric only cars. These cars are extremely technologically advanced as well as powerful. Some models can compete with the supercars of today that are powered by an internal combustion engine.

Eras of the Automobile

In 1672, Ferdinand Verbiest who was a Jesuit missionary built the very first steam powered car. It was actually a toy for the Chinese emperor at the time. It was very underpowered and couldn’t even carry a driver, but it was considered the first vehicle that was steam powered.  Later on in the 1800’s they were able to produce cars with steam power that could carry people and cargo. Over time many improvements were made and in 1789 the first patent for automobiles was given in the USA.

The first oil-fired steam car was developed in 1815. Many years later a Canadian jeweler by name of Henry Seth Taylor showed his 4 wheeled steam buggy in 1867 at the Stanstead Fair held in Quebec. Production for this vehicle began in 1865 and the vehicle was basically a high wheeled carriage that was powered by 2 cylinder steam engine which was installed on the floor. In 1873 Amedee Bolle designed a carriage that could carry passengers and this was seen as the first indication of a real car.

Another car that could carry passengers with 4 seats was designed by Seldon. He was given a patent in 1895 after a lengthy patent process that lasted for almost 16 years. Karl Benz got his first patent in 1886.

Electric Cars

Electric cars were popular in the 19th and early in the 20th century. This is due to the fact that they were much more comfortable and easier to operate. However, when the electric start for gas motors was invented, the decline for electric cars started. Gas powered vehicles were also cheaper and when Henry Ford rolled out the model T, it pretty much ended the electric car era for the time being.

The Internal Combustion Engine

German inventors headline this category. There were many German inventors of the Internal combustion engine but none are so famous as Karl Benz. He built his first car in 1885 and received a patent for this in 1886

The Modern Era

Computer design dominates the modern era. From all wheel drive cars to Front wheel drive,  hybrid vehicles and even electric vehicles, things have drastically changed. If you look on the roads of today, you’ll see an abundance of SUV’s. Just 20 years ago you didn’t see many of these vehicles but they are incredibly popular now.

In the modern era there is a big push for fuel efficiency, but also still the aspect of high performance still exists with many supercars being produced.

What the future brings for the automobile is unknown. The idea is exciting though. We can only wait and see.